If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine... It's fatal! Paulo Coelho. Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in summer.  The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in Summer; Bookings for Spring Summer 2019 are now open...The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

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Nationality: American

It was a great vacation full of joy, fantastic experience & fun. The crew was superb, Marco was very hospitable, very informative & very caring about everyone’s comfort & experience. We felt like family with the rest of the group. I would definitely do this trip again & would recommend Sailtogether.com to friends & family.

Thank you very much for making this trip an extraordinary one.

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Nationality: Lebanese

The first trip after 28 years was simply breathtaking, and it can’t get any better when you meet new people that became great friends at first sight…

If only I could change one thing in this trip it would be nothing, but maybe only the length of this beautiful journey…

Going back to reality is only cherished when we know that next year our plans for a new adventure is coming our way… May the countdown start… And…. Until we meet again…

Thank you and SEA :) you later…

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Nationality: Lebanese

Dearest Laurent,

When we first saw your Sailtogether photos on Facebook we said to ourselves “Oh my God! That’s a dream!”

Then, when all our colleagues at work took “cigarettes” breaks, we took “Sailtogether” breaks browsing through your photos on Facebook and on your site, seeing your videos again and again and again. And then one day we decided to take part of that dream. So we contacted you and we booked our places on your boat having extremely high expectations. Today, few hours before leaving Calypso, we are still amazed of how low our expectations turned out to be.

We were part of the dream every second of the week. It was just perfect!

Thank you captain for sharing your passion the way you do. There might be a lot of captains and countless sailors. But very few are attentive, helpful, friendly and tutoring.

We left here with one dream came true and more to come!

Nationality: Maltese

Great experience, great team. Hope to see you next year in Malta.

Nationality: Lebanese

The best adventure at sea with people I didn’t know who became true friends. Loved the experience. Captain Laurent was a true big brother for everyone. Would recommend this for everyone.

Thanks Laurent.

Nationality: French

THAILAND - 23/03/2013

Bravo Laurent pour avoir fait cette proposition de voyage découverte des iles et ilots autour de Phuket.
Cette croisière n’a été  que du plaisir et de l’émerveillement dans une ambiance et une convivialité superbe.
Merci pour ta disponibilité et la faculté de créer une super ambiance dans un groupe cosmopolite.

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Nationality: Canadian & British

THAILAND - 23/03/2013

Très cher Laurent,
Nous nous sentons bien privilégiés d’avoir eu la chance de saisir cette merveilleuse opportunité afin de voguer en ta compagnie (encore une fois) ! vive la spontanéité du moment présent!  Merci de nous avoir permis de découvrir de nouveaux petits bijoux d’iles! Tu sais si bien créer une ambiance des plus agréables ! Au plaisir de naviguer ensemble au nouvel An ! You’re the best – Go pro !
P.S.: Buddha was Lebanese !
Ariane & Mike
(Quebec & Manchester)

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Nationality: Lebanese

THAILAND - 23/03/2013

Thank you so much for this lovely trip. The breathtaking scenery and wonderful spirit aboard made the boiling heat a minute detail ☺ .It was simply an orgasmic trip!
P.S: I insist I don’t snore!
May God keep the wind in your sails in everything you do Laurent.

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Nationality: Lebanese

THAILAND - 23/03/2013
Dear Laurent,
Once said “That’s what sailing is, a dance and your partner is the sea. And with the sea you never take liberties…”
Laurent it is really amazing this passion you have for sailing freely with people gathered from all over the world… and what is more amazing is the ability you have to pass this passion of yours to everyone that came along this trip…
Wind wasn’t on our side during this trip but we had what is far more important. The best company ever and the coolest skipper “you”.

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Nationality: Lebanese & American

Dear Laurent & Marco,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your inspiring love for the sea and sailing. You truly showed us what it means to feel free.
A few things to remember us by:
-Anytime you run out of ICE!
-Anytime you feel like being a pirate.
-Anytime you go to a Disco 80's night.
-Anytime you drink 6 boxes of wine, 8 boxes of beer, some vodka, rum and the tastiest Bloody Mary you've ever had.
-Anytime you see people eating as much as fast as we did.
-Anytime you have a guitar session with three guitars.

Until our next sail together, Kesak! (Cheers)

The pirate sailing, Disco dancing, Ice addicting, drunk crew.

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Nationality: French


You are both (Marco/Laurent) under arrest for kidnapping "THE IRON LADY" for a week.
Plus: Cooking, working, no tanning oils, no high heels allowed on board!!!
But you are both released because of the great AMAZING FUNNY CRAZY week we spent together.
Peace & love <3
The Jumping lady Raya.

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Nationality: French

¨Coucou les skippers¨ LAURENT et MARCO.

Encore une bonne expérience en navigation et la découverte de MARMARIS et des îles avoisinantes grecques... et la pêche… et ma MUSIC. Bonne ambiance / super équipage.

Je reviendrai encore et encore…


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Nationality: Belgium

To the 2 captains: Laurent & Marco,
You were incredible. Loved all your stories.Fresh fish (Sashimi mmm), guitar playing, cooking, diving tips, amazing views and places... (and many many many more!)
Thank you!
P.S: next time I will bring a pirate hat.

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Nationality: Lebanese

Dear Laurent & Marco,

It was a pleasure to sail together again & again hopefully.
Wonderful discovery, wonderful memories. The Sashimi was so nice, thanks for fishing.
Keep sailing together!!!

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Nationality: Australian

To our great captains Laurent & Marco,

My first sailing experience in the mediterranean turned out to be a very positive one. Loved the places we visited, a good combination of secluded bays and picturesce tourist spots. The crew was a bunch of great people. I am mostly impressed about the boat handling skills of Laurent & Marco, also for their diving & fishing skills. Thank you both I will be back for more one day.
The Swiss - Aussie living in Perth WA

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