If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine... It's fatal! Paulo Coelho. Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in summer.  The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in Summer; Bookings for Spring Summer 2019 are now open...The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Turkey 26-07-2008
Laurent Messarra, Luc Oursel, Sylvie Oursel, Valentine Oursel, Benjamin Oursel, Martin Oursel, Antoine Baule, Ségolène Baule, Matthieu Baule, Vianney Baule, Gero Hoschek, Nay Doummar, Heiko Wild, Nadine Weber, Ghassan Chalhoub, Nabil Sassine, Frederick Weber,Khalil Badawi, Lilian, Patricia Nassif.
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