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Sail ... Relax ... Discover ...
If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine... It's fatal! Paulo Coelho. Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in summer.  The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in Summer; Bookings for Spring Summer 2019 are now open...The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Greek Islands of the Dodecanese
NB: This program is suggested as indicative only, the Captain may modify it according to the weather conditions or to any other reason.

*: Names of Islands & Bays that remained unspoiled by the mass tourism, which we prefer to keep secret for ecological reasons.
Day 1
Arrival at Netsel Marina in Marmaris and embarkation from 17:00h. Captain’s briefing. Distribution of cabins, placing personal luggage in the cabins and provisions in the holds (foods, beverages, etc.). Dinner and possible evening in the city center of Marmaris.
Day 2
Breakfast, sailing out of the port (1h), and sea safety tips. The journey begins, little swim in the blue open sea and first experience of navigation under sails (4h), we will leave the Turkish territorial waters and enter Greece from the port of Rhodes. Arrival and mooring in mythical port of Mandraki famous for being one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world thanks to the colossus who used to guard the entrance of the port. Discovery of Rhodes and its intact medieval intra-muros town. Each one of us will be free to visit the city at his/her own rhythm and taste. Relaxing in the cafes, visiting the museums and admiring the medieval art works, or the topless beauties of the island while swimming & sunbathing on the famous sandy beaches.. Dinner at one of the cool inner city restaurants and party, or relax on the boat in Mandraki.
Day 3
Breakfast and departure. Sailing towards the island of Alimia. during this navigation we will pass by the island of Rhodes & we will admire its windward side where hundreds of wind surfers and kite surfers intersect forming a colorful ballet. Small break in (K...S…)*, a protected bay with a tiny fishing port. Sailing and arrival in Alimia. The scenery is wild and splendid, anchoring in a beautiful bay in crystal clear water next to an abandoned charming little Greek church. For dinner we will make a BBQ onboard under the stars.
Day 4
Breakfast, swimming in a magical setting, Snorkeling. Discovery of Alimia. This small peaceful and uninhabited island was a German base during World war 2. Today we can find graffiti and paintings that German soldiers left on the walls of their bunkers during their protracted stay on this island. Nature has reclaimed the island but you can still see several military installations and bunkers. Navigation (1h) and arrival in Khalki, anchoring in the small port, central nucleus of the island. Khalki is one of my favorite Greek islands; No one will resist the charm of its narrow shaded streets hiding some taverns surrounding our little harbor, which serve delicious traditional mezze . Ballades and discovery of the village. Sundowner on the terrace of a tavern watching the sunset. The variation of colors on the surrounding hills and the small port are superb. Dinner in a tavern on the ground and taste of local delicacies.
Day 5
Breakfast on board or ashore. Victualling (fresh traditional village bread, delicious fruits and vegetables. We’re ready to sail again! ) Sailing (2h) to Antitilos where we will drop the anchor, snorkeling and lunch on board sheltered by this wild and uninhabited island with a particular shape. It is 3 km long with a width of 50 meters. Navigation (1h30) in the direction of Tilos, arriving in the small traditional port of Nivadia, the main town in the island, with its legendary fishermen. Being far from the touristic circuits, Tilos has preserved its authentic and sincere character¸ this little village and its inhabitants live in perfect harmony with nature. Time seems to stand still and it feels good to lay on the terraces.
Day 6
Breakfast and Sailing (4h) to Symi. The wind filling our sails will carry us gracefully toward the majestic bay of Symi. Discovery of the most photographed island in Greece. We will be berthing in the heart of Symi island, surrounded by houses perched on hills, narrow pedestrian streets and staircases encrusted with multicolored houses. An irresistible appeal for wandering around . Camcorder or camera in hand, in an attempt to capture the magical light which bathes these architectural gems, so simple and beautiful. The island used to be very wealthy because of the sponge fishing, which was the specialty of the islanders. Today Symi lives mainly from tourism, but you can still feel the old days and you will find many dealers of natural sponges and superb shells. Dinner at the best tavern on the island (one of the Captain’s secret places :-) )
Day 7
Sailing (3.5h) towards the island of (A...A...)* Mooring and swimming in the Cristal clear turquoise waters of this bay hidden behind our secret island. Sailing (3.5h) back to the charming Adakoy Marina, located within the Marmaris bay which is one of the most protected and beautiful bays in Turkey. Ballads, dinner in the city center of Marmaris or the famous “bar street” for the ones who like and partying until dawn in the 2nd biggest open air disco in the world after Ibiza.
Day 8
Last breakfast on board, tidying up the boat and personal luggage. Visit of Marmaris; shopping in the big Bazaar, etc. (Depending on the return flight timings of each one)
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