If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine... It's fatal! Paulo Coelho. Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in summer.  The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Join us for a Sailing Cruise of a lifetime: Red Sea in April; Turkey, the Greek islands or Croatia in Summer; Bookings for Spring Summer 2019 are now open...The Earlier you book, the Cheaper you pay!!

Specialized in Cabin Charter... Created in 2001 by Laurent Messarra, architect with a passion for traveling and sailing, Sailtogether.com organizes Sailing cruises on yachts, monohulls or catamarans according to a cabin formula.

Whether you are traveling with your family, friends, spouse or by yourself, we make it our business to form cosmopolitan and compatible groups. Each yacht with a capacity of 10 to 12 people can sail alone or in a flotilla.

The limited choice of the proposed destinations is due to our will to offer a personalized supervision up till the slightest details.

Exceptional sites laden with history, natural reserves, markets with local colors, multicultural gatherings … holidays with a taste of adventure and relaxation.
Sail on a yacht off the beaten track; discover an untouched nature, above and below water with the most unlikely scenery through various activities (snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and spearfishing, hiking, visits, bathing…).

Giant turtles, dolphins and whales would join you up.
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Turkish Coast and Islands
Take 8 days to explore the Turkish Coast and its many treasures. Departures from Marmaris every Saturday starting July 4 till September 12, 2020.
Greek Islands of the Dodecanese
Take 8 days to explore the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean... the Dodecanese islands, jewels of Greece... Departures from Marmaris in Turkey every Saturday starting July 4 till September 12, 2020.
Take 8 days to discover Croatia... the beauty of the south Dalmatian islands! Weekly departures from Dubrovnik starting July 18 till August 22, 2020.
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